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For those who are dealing with gift shops and similar types of stores, it is essential to look for a way to expand your client base without spending a lot of money. By increasing your clientele, you will be able to boost your profits and improve your business performance.

One of the best ways to increase your client base is to initiate an e-mailing campaign. This is where we enter the picture as we provide the best direct e-mail lists of gift shops. As a matter of fact, we are considered as one of the best in the market because of our comprehensive and up to date lists.

Therefore, if you are a manufacturer or wholesaler that deals with gift shops, you can be assured that our e-mail listings will be perfect for your email marketing campaign. This will open a lot of opportunities in terms of expanding your client base and improving your profits.

The Best Direct Email Directory in the Industry

If you are on the lookout for a direct email marketing list, you might have already come across a few companies that also claim to offer excellent lists. However, they do not really come close in terms of the number of contacts, as well as the reliability of their data. With our list of Gift Shops, you really have nothing to worry about because we offer details on 1,000’s retailers and wholesalers from al over North America. So if you want to look for potential clients our email  list is definitely a great choice. You will find even more lists at

The Directory  is available through a quick and near instant download.  With just a few clicks, you will be able to obtain the industry’s most comprehensive and extensive directory listing.

After you download the directory, you will be able to see the actual business name of the gift shop, its street address and website. You can also see the updated email addresses. The great thing about our directory is that it is regularly updated by  our team of web researchers. Therefore, you do not need to worry about inactive emails and very high bounce rates . No other email list company or directory listing can boast of the same quality and reliability.

When you order the Directory,  you can not only conduct an e-mail marketing campaign, but also contact potential clients by post since we include the actual street addresses  of most of the shops in our directory.

Also, as of October2013 we are offering Directory of Gift Shops and Giftware traders in the United Kingdom-  please click here for more details.


Why Email Marketing is Perfect for Your Business

So why engage in email marketing when there are a lot of other options out there? The reason is simple: email marketing works. As a matter of fact, if you take a closer look at some of the researches and studies conducted by various industries, you will discover that e-mail marketing is especially effective for B2B sales. A lot of people prefer to get marketing materials through e-mail compared to other types of media. Also, more and more businesses think that email marketing definitely delivers a better return on investment compared to other forms of sales and marketing systems. Surveys have also confirmed that e-mail is more engaging and effective, which is perfect for those who want to establish good relationships with their customers.

Also, e-mailing is relatively more affordable compared to other types of advertising. Our Directory, Database and Marketing List of Gift Shops is reasonably priced, is accurate and  is regularly updated, and we guarantee that your emails will reach the intended recipient. See Terms.

To make your e-mailing campaign successful, you need to make sure that you are using a list that is effective and highly accurate. Our Directory of Gift Shops will not disappoint you because it has been designed to be 100% deliverable. And if by any reason you encounter some problems with an email, we can offer you a proportionate refund. No other company can offer this type of guarantee.



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A Mailing List of Health and Fitness Centers is Your Most Important Asset

If you are not using a mailing list of health and fitness centers, you are making a huge mistake. Why? The reason is simple: Email marketing trumps social media marketing and this is coming from top marketers in almost every industry. You may think it is a loft claim but it is nothing more than the plain, undiluted truth. Let us just say mailing lists are powerful assets for businesses because they enable businesses to achieve that coveted authoritative one-to-many communication situation, with higher chances of getting your message across your audience at almost no cost. Once you lay the infrastructure, you can be sure to reap perpetual profits from your mailing list for a long time.

This is a very powerful feature of a mailing list and one that you should exploit to your advantage. It is not every day that you get the chance to address many people at the same time, including those who are located thousands of miles away from you. thus, a mailing list of health and fitness centers will not only help you to inform your customers and clients of your latest offers and what you are up to, you also get to access the informed opinion of your diverse group of people on the industry. Thus, a mailing list can bring your subscribers together in a single communication setting.

If you are struggling when it comes to convincing your clients or your prospects on your products or services, a mailing list can provide the platform if you give it the correct, professional approach; and the correct approach is supplying your subscribers with timely, useful, appropriate, specific and quality information.

Not only does maintaining a mailing list give you the opportunity to have a higher conversion rates, you can also monetize your mailing list by pitching various products. It also enables you to send visitors to your websites on a regular basis.

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